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Where your most commonly Headshot questions live. If you don't find yours, please let us know! 

Frequently Asked Questions


FAQ is under construction as we speak. Please shoot us your questions at
  • How do I know which session is for me?
    You definitively want to make sure that you book the proper amount of time to get what you need. We are adding the descriptions right here but please send as an email if you still have any doubts or questions. ​ Basic Session: This session is for someone looking to update an online profile or add a look or two to their portfolio. Up to two looks and minimal 20 high-resolution images. All looks are in Studio. ​ Standard Session: Looking for something with more depth to it? That is an option! You will get up to 4 different looks with a minimum of 50 high-resolution images. On this session you have time to relax, time do many wardrobe changes, or even, time to warm up. ​ VIP Session: This session is ideal for an actor or model looking for more in-depth character looks and portfolio images. This leaves time for a good number of wardrobe and even hair and makeup changes. For business people, this is a perfect length if you are looking to populate your website and social profiles with a wider range of images Includes a 90 minute, studio session and gallery of images. You will get up to 6 different looks with a minimum of 80 high-resolution images. Your images will be delivered on our online gallery via email within 3 business days. If you have something important and need them before please let us know.
  • Did you forget to mention about retouching?
    We did not forget about it, we just want to get to the details of it and see if you really need your images to be retouched. Any image that will not be used for marketing does not need retouching. I.e. company keycard pictures, in company use of image, just to mention a couple. Also, for modeling agencies application and submissions we tend not to do retouching since the agents need to see what a model looks like naturally.
  • How about for Marketing and Audition Purposes?
    We highly recommend our retouch services for those cases. We have professionals doing the best work on retouching your images and still keeping you with the most real look — far from that fake feel sometimes we see around. Our retouches include dark circle under eyes reduction, remove of blemishes, color correction and discoloration correction, facial shine reduction, eyes and teeth color correction, and taking away those stubborn stray hairs! ​​ ​​ You can order retouched images anytime before or after your session.
  • Where is the session?
    The sessions are often in our Studio Location (1290 Kennestone Circle, Building D, Suite 100, Marietta, GA) but for a small fee we can go on location. We are following pandemic rules and regulations.
  • Reschedule and Cancelation policies?
    Since our schedule is super tight we require at least 50% deposit for your session. Some people pay in full but it is up to you. For cancelations we do not refund your payment, it can go towards another session in the future. We give you one complimentary reschedule of your session with no penalty as long as it is 48 hours before your scheduled session. After that, rescheduling will require a $50 fee. ​ Hope you understand that we only do that because if we hold a spot for you, chances are we had to turn down someone else.
  • What to do with my hair? And makeup?
    We strong believe that working with professionals are the best option always! Hair and Makeup are not included in the session fee but we can refer you to a great list of professionals that are specialized in camera-ready makeup. ​ For man we recommend a light foundation, it will help to take the shine out. For women, we recommend professional makeup by an expert artist. Just in case you decide to do it yourself please check these tips below: ​ - Go easy on the blush and excess makeup. Try to enhance your qualities but keep it simple. Excessive make up is very difficult to correct in post processing. ​ - Bring your makeup kit to reapply as needed. ​ - Do not use SPF makeup!!! This makeup reflects light and cause your skin to look shinier on camera, we are looking for the opposite effect. ​ ​ We ask that you come in with the hair and makeup ready to go so you can use the whole time booked for photographing and get the most of it!
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