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Is your current Headshot opening doors for you?

Have you ever wondered about the question? Is your headshot opening doors for you right now? Well, it should!

When you work in Entertainment you know your image is a huge part of your professional life. Is it translating you? 

Here at SQSPhotography we make sure we take care of your images to translate YOU! We want that whenever your headshot is seen it opens that difficult door for you. It gets you noticed!

With all of that in mind we also have to think about (actors specially) on the part we are being cast for. Is it a Law and order kind of casting? Broadway or musicals? Villain or anti-hero? Commercial?


Each and every genre above should have a respective headshot to help your doors to get wide open. We should be very strategic on what to send to what casting.


Are you there yet or are you just sending the same headshot everywhere?

We have a brand new studio at 1290 Kennestone Circle, Building D, Suite 100, Marietta-GA 30066. Schedule your appointment and let's make your picture speak great of you!


 We are here for YOU!

The Commercial / Classic

The Broadway

Stephen-Broadway (1 of 1).jpg
Amanda-Broadway (2 of 2).jpg

The CSI/Law and Order...

Stephen-CSI (1 of 1).jpg
Amanda-CSI (1 of 1).jpg

The Villains

Entertainers Headshot Pricing

  • Branding: $700                                             Sometimes you need more than one headshot. Entertainers Branding sessions are a great option for creating a series of dynamic headshot images to cast you to the right role. Up to Four hours in studio shooting with unlimited looks and styles. Includes 5 high resolution Basic Edited images. For any additional editing please check prices below.       

  • VIP: $400

    60-minute session, Up to 3 looks of your choice, includes 2 high resolution  Basic Edited images. Additional images available a la carte.                             ​

  • Standard: $300

    30-minute session, Up to 2 looks of your choice, includes 1 high resolution  Basic Edited images. Additional images available a la carte.                            ​

  • Basic : $200

    15-minute session, 1 look of your choice, includes 1 high resolution  Basic Edited images. Additional images available a la carte.                                   ​​


Ready to Go?

You can book your session on our system on the link below:

  • 1 Image: $75

  • 3 Images: $200

  • 10 Images: $600



  • Basic- Included in all packages and covers color correction, cropping and image corrections. Also, basic skin retouching to get pimples, imperfections and blemishes away. 

  • Advanced - Any major modifications of face and/or hair, weight modification, drastic makeup application and so on. $100.00 per image.

 More Info:

  • On location shoot fee is $100.00 per location

  • Needs a Standard or UP Package.

Extra Images

Amanda-Villain (1 of 2).jpg
Stephen-Villain (1 of 2).jpg
Amanda-Villain (2 of 2).jpg

The Heros

Stephen-Hero (1 of 2).jpg
Amanda-Hero (1 of 1).jpg

Many more Styles, Choose Yours today!

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