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Your Image is decisive for your business!



Personal branding is all about creating an image of yourself, building your reputation, and consequently marketing yourself as an individual.

We are a brand! I know it might feel uncomfortable for many of us, but, yes, we are! We should always be thinking on questions about the quality of our work, how people think of us and what adjectives they might use to describe us and our brand.

Personal branding is responsible for shaping a perception of an individual in the eyes of the public.


So, my big question here is, what are your images telling about your brand? Is it a selfie? Is it a not so well thought headshot? Is it an image saying a different message than what you want/need to be out?


Whatever it is, we can fix it. We at SQSPhotography know how to create the perfect match between your image and your brand. We strive to make your business look great no matter if it is a one man/woman band or a powerhouse firm. 

We will connect to you to deliver the best image, making sure that the whole experience is fun, loving and easy. 

We have a brand new studio at 1290 Kennestone Circle, Building D, Suite 100, Marietta-GA 30066. Schedule your appointment and let's make your picture speak great of you and your team


Make your appointment to come visit our studio. You will definitively leave with amazing headshots! 

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Branding Headshot Pricing

  • BRANDING: $700.00                                                    Sometimes you need more than one headshot. Personal branding sessions are a great option for creating a series of dynamic headshot images to market your brand.  Four hours in studio shooting with unlimited looks and styles. Includes 5 high resolution edited images. For any additional editing please check prices below. 


Ready to Go?


You can book your session on our system on the link below:

Extra Images

  • 1 Image: $75

  • 3 Images: $200

  • 10 Images: $600



  • Basic- Included in all packages and covers color correction, cropping and image corrections. Also, basic skin retouching to get pimples, imperfections and blemishes away. 

  • Advanced - Any major modifications of face and/or hair, weight modification, drastic makeup application and so on. $100.00 per image.

More Info:

  • On location shoot fee starts at $100.00 per location                                       

  • Needs a Standard or UP Package.

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